Leadership in the police profession is the most important part of an organization’s success. As a leader, your ability to influence others is the key to getting things done. Effective leadership builds morale in an organization, successful prosecution of crime, defense from liability, and improves a department's level of trust and participation with the communities it serves. Police Leadership & Supervision is designed to help you maximize your leadership with the officers you supervise, and will strengthen your relationships with those around you. Among the topics covered in the book are:

* Leadership without title - how to lead others even if you don’t have rank
* Empathy and how to see things from the point of view of others
* Influence and how to get those you lead to follow you
* Values and how they impact the decisions people make
* Generationalism and how it impacts employees
* Motivating employees to get the job done to the best of their abilities
* Affability and how to be liked and respected by others
* Trust and how it impacts your ability to lead
* Accountability and how to correct bad behaviors by employees
​* Retention and how you can help keep great employees

​Interpersonal skills are the most important asset that any police leader can possess. Police Leadership and Supervision will help give you the tools you need to maximize your abilities in leading employees in the police profession. By following the strategies in this book, you will empower those you lead, your department, your communities, and yourself, through your leadership.

Police Leadership & Supervision is now available!

Blaine Locklair

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